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Article: How CS Watches Create Unique Handcrafted Timepieces

Omega Speedmaster watch

How CS Watches Create Unique Handcrafted Timepieces

In a world where luxury watches often come with exorbitant price tags and are generally inaccessible to the average enthusiast, CS Watches offers a refreshing alternative – the exceptional art of handcrafted watch customisation. Our passion for creating unique timepieces stems from our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to own a watch that reflects their personal style and taste. With our custom watches, our clients have the freedom to express their individuality through their wristwear – without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Our approach to watch customisation marries skilled craftsmanship with a keen understanding of our clients' needs and preferences, resulting in a tailored, personalised experience. From the initial design phase to the meticulous assembly of each component and final touches, our team at CS Watches works tirelessly to bring your vision to life. Utilising high-quality parts and materials, we create not just a functional time-telling device but also a work of art that captures your unique style and tells your story.

In this blog, we'll unveil the intricate process behind creating our custom watches and Seiko modifications, providing an in-depth look at the various stages involved and the exceptional attention to detail it requires. We'll examine how we source the materials and parts for these bespoke timepieces, ensuring the highest levels of quality and longevity. Furthermore, we'll discuss the different design and personalisation options available, empowering you to create a truly one-of-a-kind watch that reflects your individuality and elevates your watch collection.

Epic Timepieces: A Journey Through Iconic Watches in Space Exploration

The Omega Speedmaster: Moonwalking Through History

The Omega Speedmaster's journey from a motorsports timepiece to the first watch on the Moon is a testament to its robust construction and unparalleled precision. Introduced in 1957, the Speedmaster found its way into space in 1962 when astronaut Wally Schirra wore it during the Mercury Sigma 7 mission. The "Moonwatch" earned its nickname during the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969 as Buzz Aldrin sported it while stepping onto the lunar surface. Since then, the legendary Speedmaster has participated in various space missions, solidifying its reputation as an essential timekeeping instrument for astronauts.

Rolex GMT-Master: An Astronaut's Trusted Companion

Initially developed for pilots of Pan American World Airways during the 1950s, the Rolex GMT-Master has become an essential timepiece for aviators and astronauts alike. The GMT-Master's unique 24-hour hand allows its wearer to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously – a vital feature for both transcontinental flights and space missions. Astronaut John Glenn sported a Rolex GMT-Master during the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission in 1962, becoming the first American to orbit the Earth. Various other space expeditions have relied on the GMT-Master, demonstrating its reliability and significance throughout space travel history.

Bulova Accutron: Beyond Timekeeping in Space Missions

The remarkable Bulova Accutron has contributed significantly to space exploration, although often overshadowed by the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex GMT-Master. Its groundbreaking tuning fork technology facilitated exceptional accuracy, leading to fruitful collaborations with NASA. The Accutron Astronaut, equipped with a unique 24-hour bezel, accompanied astronaut Dave Scott during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. Bulova's innovative tuning fork movement played a substantial role in the Apollo program, on 46 missions in total, and continues to tell time on the historic Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977.

Seiko: Embracing the Cosmos with Quartz Technology

Seiko's role in space exploration began with the advent of quartz technology in the late 1960s and the launch of the Seiko Quartz Astron in 1969. Boasting unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, the Astron transformed the world of watchmaking. The Seiko Quartz 7A28-7000, or "Spacewalk" watch, was used by cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev in 1991 during a spacewalk on the Soyuz TM-12 mission. This moment marked Seiko's entry into the realm of space exploration, which would later expand with the introduction of the brand's innovative Spring Drive technology. Seiko's Spring Drive watches with the "Spacewalk" designation have gained recognition as revolutionary milestones in space-ready timekeeping.


The celestial legacy laid forth by these epic timepieces not only exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and engineering, but also celebrates the indomitable spirit of human innovation and adventure. The remarkable stories surrounding these exceptional watches encapsulate the essence of precision and ingenuity cherished by horology enthusiasts around the globe. As we gaze at the stars and ponder the infinite possibilities of the cosmos, we acknowledge the timeless allure of these instruments and their integral role in mankind's unquenchable thirst for discovery.

At CS Watches, we cherish this spirit of exploration and innovation, offering a distinguished range of custom-built watches and Seiko modifications that draw inspiration from the legends of space travel. Discover the exquisite collection crafted with skill and passion, igniting a lifelong appreciation for the art of fine watchmaking. Whether your fascination extends to the stars above or the masterpieces adorning your wrist, we are honoured to be your guide through the extraordinary realm of watches and space exploration, embracing the captivating achievements of past and present while eagerly anticipating the wonders that lie ahead.

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