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Creativity is nothing but a mind set free..

We can modify your existing watch or build you something from scratch with our extensive array of high end components, tools and equipment.

Building a bespoke watch gives us the option of creating something truly unique. By combining artistry and watchmaking, we tailor to your tastes.

Our approach enables full control over the quality and design of each individual component, offering excellent technical specifications at an unrivalled price point.

How does the process work?

Get in touch to discuss your project. Once the specification has been agreed and finalised, you will receive a quote including shipping rates.

A £200 pre-order deposit will be payable to lock in your build request
for a fully bespoke watch order.

From date of pre-order there is approximately a 7 week lead time until completion. Please note a large proportion of the lead time is due to the current waiting list.

Bespoke orders are non refundable due to the time and costs involved in the process.

Modification requests are assessed on a case by case basis. Please get in touch below for pricing, feasibility and lead time.

Please include as much specific detail as possible and read the FAQ before submitting your request.


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Whether you’re looking to create your own masterpiece or modify an existing watch, we offer a fully custom and watch modification service. Make something spectacular and unique today.