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Article: What Are the Five Best Seiko Watches You Can Customise?

Seiko watch

What Are the Five Best Seiko Watches You Can Customise?

Wearing a watch is a timeless habit that men aged 21 to 60 have been practising for centuries. Besides being a stylish accessory to complete your daily outfit, a wearable timepiece offers practical benefits like helping people organise their schedules, socialising with others, and participating in physical activities. These beloved accessories can also be excellent conversation starters. 

While there's nothing wrong with wearing a plain accessory, you can leave a remarkable impression by investing in Seiko watch mods. However, selecting a Seiko dive watch as a base for customisation can be overwhelming because of the large selection available. 

If you want an accessory that will complement your favourite outfits, here are the five best Seiko watches for modding. 

1. SKX007 or SKX009

The Seiko SKX007 is a trendy dive watch in the watch modding community because of its value, water resistance, and comfort on the wrist. Seiko's 7S26 movement powers this model and comes in a monochromatic or Pepsi colourway (SKX009). The SKX007 or SKX009 also has the most extensive aftermarket scene, with various mod parts available for customisation. 

Sadly, manufacturers and sellers have already discontinued the Seiko SKX007, and finding one for a reasonable price is increasingly becoming difficult. However, if you love the SKX007’s style and want to create a unique timepiece, visit your online shops for cases in different designs, including the classic one. You should consult with other Seiko watch modding community members to know what you should have to customise your timepiece. 

2. SKX013 

While the SKX013 looks very familiar to the SKX007, it’s smaller, with a 38-millimetre case diameter compared to the SKX007’s 43mm. Watch enthusiasts can also notice the difference better when handling the watch in person. 

The Seiko SKX013 may also be your best option if you want a high-quality but affordable dive watch, especially if you have smaller wrists. Although it may not be as popular as the SKX007, we can see a recent trend favouring smaller timepieces. Fortunately, a strong aftermarket also supports the SKX013 like the SKX007. 

3. SRP Turtle 

While the Seiko Turtle watch may seem enormous at 44mm, it’s an excellent fit for most wrists because of its square-ish, cushion-case design and short, chunky lugs. Unlike other big dive watches, the Turtle feels well-balanced and comfortable. It also comes in many different versions, all featuring the 4R36 movement, an upgraded version of the 7S26 movement found in many of Seiko’s more affordable watches. 

The Seiko Turtle also has an entry-level movement but performs exceptionally well. Its ability to stop the second’s hand whilst setting the time makes it feel like a premium timepiece. 

4. Sea Urchin 

The Seiko 5 Sea Urchin or the SNZF17 watch offers style and practicality at a great price. Its design is enduring and sturdy, making it a reliable accessory. Its popularity also stems from its ideal size of 41mm, which is just the right size for most people’s wrists. 

Besides its size, the Seiko Sea Urchin is famous for its classic dive watch design, making it an excellent choice for Submariner or Black Bay-style watch modifications. The SNZF17 Seiko 5 is also a great sports watch from Seiko, especially for its price range.

5. SNK809 

The Seiko SNK is a small, field-style watch with a 37mm case diameter and 43mm lug-to-lug length. It’s a popular entry-level Seiko with a clean design and an affordable price tag. Although it’s a little too familiar among watch enthusiasts, you can customise it with Seiko watch mod parts like a dial swap and new hands. 

Creating a Timeless Timepiece

All men deserve to feel confident about themselves and their outfits. You can complete the look by investing in Seiko watch mods. 

CS Watches offers quality bespoke watch services in the UK to help men maintain and customise their beloved timepieces. We also market our products to the USA, Middle East, European Union, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Browse our collection now, or get your timepiece serviced!

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