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We can either modify your existing watch to your liking, or create a brand-new watch from scratch. Whatever your requirements, we tailor to your specific preferences.

I. How does the process work for custom watch orders?

Get in touch to discuss your project. Once the specification has been agreed, you will receive a quote.

A £200 pre-order deposit will be payable to lock in your build request for a fully custom watch order.

Custom orders have a lead time of about 7 weeks, with a significant portion attributed to the current waiting list.

Upon completion, you'll receive a video showcasing your custom watch.

After confirming all details and receiving the final payment, your watch will be shipped.

Creativity is the bridge that connects innovation and inspiration.

II. What is the process for sending in my own watch for modifications?

Modification requests are assessed on a case by case basis. Please get in touch below for pricing, feasibility and lead time.

Get in touch below to discuss your own project