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Article: Modified Seiko Watches: Are They Good & Should You Get One?

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Modified Seiko Watches: Are They Good & Should You Get One?

Whether you've been collecting watches for a while or are new to the community, you'd know that owning a Seiko watch can be incredibly rewarding. These beloved timepieces are best known for their quality and high accuracy. 

If you want to create a remarkable impression, this article will discuss the modified Seiko watches' origins and why more enthusiasts are buying them. 

Understanding the Seiko Mods’ Humble Beginnings

Modifying Seiko watches isn’t a new concept. It began in Asia, where Seiko has been a leader in the watch industry for many years because of its reliable technology and great value. People may have started modding watches to have something unique and fashionable on their wrists without spending too much money. It also granted them peace of mind knowing that their timepiece won’t quickly wear out like other lower-priced models. 

Various watch manufacturers used Seiko mechanisms, making the Seiko range, particularly the highly sought-after SKX007 model, an ideal foundation for anyone who wants to create their modified timepiece. While many people appreciate the Rolex or Patek Philippe designs, they hesitate to customise their watches because of the high cost. For that reason, customising Seiko watches are affordable for most people, and the accessory will resemble some well-known brands at a more reasonable price. 

The Seiko Mods Today 

Today, modified Seiko watches have gained popularity in Europe and North America, and their appeal continues to grow. You can’t escape the Seiko Mods, and these customised timepieces provide incredible value for their cost. 

Can Modding Seiko Watches Affect Their Value?

There’s no direct effect of modifying a watch on its value. Certain modifications, such as the Seiko 5 series, can increase some models' value. For instance, upgrading a Seiko 5 with a 7S26 movement that lacks hacking or hand-winding features can raise its price because it can replace the original crystal with a Sapphire one. 

However, many watch enthusiasts don’t recommend modifying limited edition, high-end, or vintage watches because it will likely reduce their value. Instead, they suggest you don’t customise it, even if it looks worn, because watch collectors usually love original components over new ones. 

3 Reasons Enthusiasts Buy Modded Watches

After understanding the modified Seiko watches’ humble beginnings and determining if customising them can increase their value, this section will explain why enthusiasts purchase modded Seiko timepieces. 

1. Get a Unique Experience 

Constructing or buying a modified Seiko watch allows enthusiasts to own a unique timepiece while engaging more deeply in the design or engineering aspects. This experience can also give you a greater appreciation of the watch’s mechanics than a store-bought item. 

Moreover, it can be a satisfying and creative endeavour, with some individuals considering it a stress reliever in their home workshops. Additionally, custom watches offer endless creative possibilities. 

2. Access Flexible Designs

Seiko mod watches offer various style options because of the numerous aftermarket parts. Enthusiasts can customise these modded watches for any occasion, and high-quality aftermarket parts can also outperform older components, making them reliable and attractive. 

3. Get the Best Value for Their Money

Seiko offers high-quality mechanical movements at a lower cost by producing them in-house, allowing consumers to enhance their watches with aftermarket parts. While Modded Seikos provide similar features and quality as luxury brands, people can get them at more affordable prices. 

Buying or Building a Stylish Accessory

Everyone deserves to wear accessories that will complement their outfits. You can make a remarkable impression by buying or wearing modified Seiko watches. 

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