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From Engineer to Artisan

After diving deep into the engineering industry for a good dozen years, a strong urge ticked within me to break free from the humdrum of corporate rigidity, tangled red tape, and confining rule books. That's when the moment of inspiration struck, and I decided to apply my technical expertise to the craft of modifying watches - giving rise to CS Watches.

Right from the get-go, CS has been a true labour of passion. Engaging with customers, collaborating on their unique and unconventional projects, and witnessing the happiness and satisfaction my customers derive from their watches, is a constant reminder of why I am dedicated to this craft.

My mission? To create exceptional, made-to-order watches; meticulously crafted by hand, using only top of the line materials and components, all without a bonkers price tag. My secret ingredient? A blend of engineering precision with a creative edge and passion for design. The end result? Producing watches a league beyond what mass-produced brands can offer at a similar price point.

I'm excited to announce the introduction of our new in-house watch range - Atelier Watches, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Atelier isn't just a brand name; it symbolises a fresh and innovative approach to hand crafting watches, with zero compromise. Find out more about Atelier Watches here.

As my business grows, I continually seek ways to collaborate with other small enterprises and creators. This elevates my work with fresh perspectives, enabling me to expand the range of skills and services I can offer to my customers. Above all, my customers are my priority, and I am dedicated to providing an exceptional customer journey.

Thank you for being a part of our story.
Ben Frere – Founder